Process Improvement

Our approach is to balance the industry best practices and our extensive business acumen with the knowledge and expertise of your people to produce and implement the most productive improvements.

We follow this 6 step process

  • Define the current process (As-Is)

  • Identify challenged/weak areas in the current process

  • Brainstorm improvements to the challenged/weak areas

  • Define the future process (To-Be)

  • Create the gap analysis and implementation plan for the future process

  • Lead and assist in the implementation

Change Readiness

Every time a project goes live, there is a hit to the organizational productivity.

Why?  Because a project is a change to the work environment of the people doing the work.

When we help the people being effective by the change, we can reduce the productivity hit to the organization.

We follow a structured approach to lessen the impact from the change initiatives

PMO (Project Management Office)

PMOs create a consistency on how organizations deliver their projects.

We have created PMOs with any or all of the following attributes.

  • Project Management Methodologies and Processes

  • Training of the methodologies and processes

  • On-going mentorship/coaching on using the methodologies and processes

  • Formally assessing (auditing) how well project managers are following the standard methodologies and processes

  • Enterprise project status reporting

  • Enterprise resource planning

Lead Facilitation

The most effective workshops come about by having a well thought out design to the workshop, the right people participating, and an experienced facilitator leading the session and managing team dynamics.

We bring the strategies to deliver on these items, and an unbiased independent perspective in leading workshops for organizational strategic planning, operational tactical planning, project planning, requirements elicitation, brainstorming new ideas, or any other type of sessions.

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